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Camera, lights, action!
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Congratulations to Panagiotis, Orestis, Stamatina K., Georgia-Marina and Stamatina G. of sweet dreams team from PEDAGOGIKI SCHOOLS, which won the first prize!


I learned about School Lab from my Principal and I wanted to take part from the first moment. We started very well with my team and we had a great chemistry among us and with our mentor. I would participate again in such a fun programme like School Lab.
Thank you for giving me the chance to have fun, learn and show you my ideas.

(Primary School Student, Anonymous Evaluation Questionnaires)


The School Lab Competition was an amazing experience for me. From the beginning, when we were making the video, we knew it was a competition, but I couldn’t imagine something so big!
In the end I have to say that when you are working without knowing about the prizes and the competition, a better result is achieved, because it is his passion that leads you!
Congratulations for the organisation and congratulations to all participants! Once more, thank you for the fantastic experience!

Konstantinos K., 1st High School of Panorama


The winners will present their work to a special event.
  • • Each member of the team that will be awarded the first place will be given an ASUS T100 tablet!
  • • A Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone will be given to each student of the team that will get the second place.
  • • The 3rd place winners will each get a keyboard and a wireless mouse.
Our prizes is a kind offer from Microsoft Hellas.

Useful links

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